Saturday, March 17, 2007

Poetry pages for Marilyn

I'm still contemplating what I'm doing for my second letter in Marilyn's book, but I wanted to show off the front and back of what I did for the letter "P" for her book. In all honesty, I'm not sure yet which is the front and which is the back....

I'm particularly fond of wordplay and being clever, although I hope it isn't too silly.

Make note of plaid, pink, poetry, polka-dots, pocket....the pink background is painted paper...

There are 3 poems in the pocket (which is made of two layers of polka-dot fabric and a layer of Peltex interfacing). I might add more poems, just haven't picked any others yet. I was trying to see if there is a shade of green that has a "P" name, haven't found one yet...LOL.

Are the blue letters and brads Powder blue? I don't think they are Periwinkle, but they might be Persian blue.

Oh wait -- what about Persian Green or Pine Green?

I told you I was silly.....VBG


Wabbit said...

I think they're lovely, Suzanne. I'm not really a poetry person but that isn't of any consequence. I think in books like these that you send out asking people to do their work in that you cannot expect them to do it in your style! I've got my few little rules. I feel really strongly that I don't want religion or politics included and I want the alphabet in order. Other than that, I'm cool with whatever any of you do in my book.

I love pink and pretty much all color, love fiber and texture, and have an appreciation for many styles of work. I expect that I'll like some pages better than others, but that's always how it goes, isn't it?

Suzanne Earley said...

Oddly enough, I'm not really a poetry person myself, but I got really stuck on the idea of a pocket full of poetry. The poems I've picked so far are some that I do like, though. My favorite is "Halfway Down" by A.A. Milne.

You know, of "P"ooh fame. LOL.

Minetoody said...

Puce is a colour, but not one that I'd recommend unless there's something with it that tones it down a bit. I love this page Suzanne and I love the poem as well. It's rather naughty of the writer to treat the poem as an object, but rather like those of us who take an item and alter it!

Wabbit said...

Am I alone in thinking that "rather naughty" sounds like very much fun indeed?!?!??? ;-))