Monday, February 26, 2007

Off and Running!

OK, I’ve got Judy’s and Kellie’s names corrected and I fixed something else this morning that I can’t even recall! I still haven’t fixed the colors for posting. Looks like we’ll have several reds when I do get that working!

And… big drum roll….

I got Kellie’s book this afternoon!!! I’m saving the box to send it back out in. A bingo chip fell out of it already so I’ll probably be checking all the doodads to see if they need re-glued. Oops, there went another one!

This is SOOOOOOOO cool!

I'm dying to show you the pages but don't want to spoil the surprise for anyone.

Wow, everyone. We're off and running!!!

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My Peace Of Art said...

Perhaps all those bingo chips falling are a sign that you should go to the nearest bingo hall and play a card . . . lol . . . I have not done that in YEARS! Funny, we were just talking about Bingo at lunch yesterday . . . how you go and see people with a table full of cards playing away and there I would sit, struggling to keep up with 4 cards!!! Man, what a blast from the past that story is!